Nerdcave - Launch Event

For Nerdcave’s debut project ‘The War To Settle The Score’, an exhibition and book launch. I developed the new website, designed the logo, promo material, social media content, packaging and collaborated with several businesses to create a series of exclusive limited edition products.

The style and format of the promotional material was a pastiche of the late 80’s to early 90’s sticker albums and memorabilia produced by Hasbro and Merlin at the time.

Product info:

Well let me tell you something brother…

Whether you’re a fan of classic wrestling or contemporary illustration the ‘War to Settle the Score’ provides a visual journey through the golden age of professional wrestling, celebrating infamous grudge matches and iconic characters from the past through the illustration work of the greatest artists from the future!

From the very beginning the aim of the Nerdcave wasn’t to just produce a book, but to create a fully engaging experience, a wrestling themed art exhibition that was both immersive and nostalgic. We achieved this by showcasing the contemporary artwork submitted for the project alongside vintage wrestling collectables and memorabilia, ensuring that the exhibition appealed to both grapple enthusiasts and art fans alike.



Art Direction



Design & Development 

Project Info: 

Nerdcave was born out of a mutual love of illustration, (semi) popular culture and nostalgia. Our aim is to put our shared enthusiasm for these more obscure aspects of popular culture to good use, harnessing our powers to produce unique products and unusual art projects that seamlessly combine our curious tastes.

The Nerdcave manifesto is to create innovative and imaginative illustration projects that feature contemporary artists from across the globe, providing a platform that showcases the work of established illustration superstars alongside up and coming new talents.


Nerdcave x Welcome

Illustration & Print

Skateboard graphic inspired by the classic WWE heavyweight championship belt, which incorporates the Leeds owl, white rose and Welcome’s iconic slogan ‘Don’t Mess With Yorkshire’. 

Product info:

Nerdcave are proud to present our collaboration with Yorkshire’s leading skate shop Welcome, who helped us to produce the ultimate ‘illegal foreign object’- a seriously limited edition wrestle themed shred stick!

Handmade from seven plys of top notch Canadian maple and complete with the Welcome stamp of authenticity, this board is perfectly suited for either skating to destruction or proudly displaying on your bedroom wall.

The title of ‘Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World’ is ready for you to claim!


Nerdcave x Mansons Press

Packaging & Layout

Product info:

Limited to just 20 sets ‘Outside Interference’ is a series of illustrations that pay homage to the most devious characters in professional wrestling, the brains behind the brawn, the managers. 

Each set features 7 of the most notorious managers in the history of professional wrestling, illustrated by 7 equally notorious artists. Each design has been lovingly reproduced as a two colour screen print by Manson’s Press.

Each set features 7 screen prints with exclusive artwork by the following illustrative masterminds:
Stephen Ashton – The Genius – Liam Patchett – Slick – Michael Shantz – Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan – Peter O’Toole – Mr Fuji
Brian Butler – Captain Lou Albanao – Michael Crozier – Jimmy Hart –Rob Mathieson – Paul Bearer



Nerdcave - Macho Pin Randy Savage

Packaging & Logo Variant

Product info:

A limited edition soft enamel pin that combines one of the most outrageous wrestlers in the history of the business with the classic Nerdcave logo. Usually, wrestling fans spend their time trying to avoid pins, but you’d have to be crazy to try and avoid this one!


Launch Event

Title Graphics & Logo

Event video: 

Keeping in theme with the overall design style, I worked with Nathan Page who filmed and edited an event video, which includes a pastiche of the classic wwf intro.